Welcome stranger! This is my portfolio!

Web Projects

Digital Art

Prototype 1

This is the first project made to test concepts of HTML and CSS, this simple layout does not require much coding, once jQuery was used to make the transition effects. Main point of this website is to view the entire content without changing pages.

Other features were added to test some coding such as the random phrase, also for the sake of my sanity the Konami code was implemented.

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Prototype 2

Fluid project was focused to test fluid layout, resize and change elements according the user window size, possible to view either on desktop and mobile devices.

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Layout Idea

Two concept layouts made for a company back in 2010. Idea was to keep a clean and simple overall, while the navigation and header takes a higher contrast, so we could keep the necessary information on the top of the screen.


Photoshop Tests

Here are some image editing made with Photoshop and other image editing tools.
These images were edited with layer blending, brushes, masks, layer styles.



First image was the logo for my Term Paper, unfortunately I do not have access to all the textures and images made for the game.

The second one was a test trying to replicate the texture of plastic, adding reflections, light and shadow.



Caio chose the wrong sauce for his hot-dog, so he went to the programming world seeking redemption. After months of training he got stronger and now self proclaimed as a Frontend Developer.

Java Script / HTML / CSS / PHP / WordPress / React are part of his arsenal against evil.